Wednesday, August 7, 2013

For Today

Outside my window...everything is green and growing, having been bathed in rain today.  It's sticky and feels like summer for a change.  It's dark and quiet and peaceful.

I am thinking...about friends and family and relationships.  I think about this a lot these days.  It causes such heartache and worry.  It consumes me some days with little escape.  I've told myself more than once to let go and move on.

From the kitchen...fresh veggies and homemade jam.  Enough said!

I am creating...a new friendship.  One that has all the right components, with just the right amount of each.  I look forward to the future when I think about this new friend :)  I know God has put her in my life at a time when I need to be reminded that there are good people everywhere.

I am start blogging again. It's good therapy for me. Usually no one read it and it's a great way to put my thoughts down on paper(ish).

I am mismatched, but most comfy of all, jammies.

I am reading...not much these days if it's not on the computer.  Boo!!!  I need to do something about that.

I am have God help me to release the anguish I feel over the loss of a friendship, so dear, it should never end.  I am hoping to find comfort and peace.  I am hoping God gives me the words to know I did all I could do.

I am hearing...nothing but the a/c.  Nice for a while but then I miss little kid voices.

I am praying...for many things.  For the lumps to disappear.  For Tara.  For Cindy.  For the unsaved.  For new and old friends.  For my family's health.  For God's guidance, always.

Around the's quiet.  Everyone is sleeping. And I should be too!! I going to bed.