Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Child's Prayer

Lily caught her first frog on the weekend. She was so excited. Todd sent her in the house, thinking for sure that I would say, take it back outside. When she asked if she could keep it, I said sure, got her a plastic container and a bowl of water for our new pet.

Well, needless to say, the frog was not thriving. This morning we convinced Lily, against her will, that she needed to let him go today, before he croaked (LOL, sorry, I couldn't resist). She was pretty devastated.

Then we jumped in the car and headed to Border's for story-time. We listened to "Get The Sillies Out" about the Yo Gabba Gabba gang. Then we colored, cut and glued some pictures together while eating a cookie and drinking milk. It was the first time we had been to the story-time and I really enjoyed it. I think the kids did too, lol.

We grabbed a quick drink then headed to Todd's office to say hello. We stayed and visited for a few mins, then headed home. After lunch we painted ceramics for a while. Painting is one of the kid's favorite crafty things to do. Lily could paint for hours, if you let her.

We watched a movie, ate dinner, had a bath and were all ready for bed. Todd had to work really late, so at the last minute we decided to put together dinner for him and run it over to his office. He was really surprised to see us. We hung out while he munched on some of the yummies we took him.

Once home, we read a couple books and settled in for the night. The best part of my day was Lily's prayer......

Dear God, thank you for Nathanael, that he is sick. Make him better soon. Thank you for froggie. I let him go. I hope I can get another froggie soon. Thank you for us going to that place we went to today that we hadn't been to before. Thank you for going to daddy's office and giving him hugs for bedtime. Thank you for today. Thank you for loving us. I love you God. Amen.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Am Thankful For...

I started this post off with the title of "Grumblings". I wanted to quickly spout off all the things that are annoying me today...some small, some not so small.

But instead, I decided to write about this.....

I am thankful for:

~a healthy, happy baby who melts my heart with just a smile

~a healthy, happy 3 yr old, who is smart and funny

~a healthy, happy 4 yr old, who is caring and gentle

~a husband who works very hard to provide for all our needs

~the garage door has held on for another week

~my flowers out front are still alive

~being able to sit outside today in the shade due to a beautiful breeze

~chocolate cake

~that when asked, God will forgive me for my shortcomings today

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emergency 911

Remember this show?

Emergency 911. It ran from 1972-1977. And for some reason, I remember it well, even though I was very young when it was on.

On Monday I took the kids to Fire House No.1.

When we entered the inside of the fire house I was struck with how similar it was to the tv show. It was exactly the same! Same kitchen set-up. Same old comfy chairs in front of their television. I mean, it was really weird, lol. Wouldn't you think they would've upgraded in the last 30 years. Although, they no longer have the fireman pole. Bummer!

After the "boring" stuff we went to the firetruck.

They climbed all over the truck, in and out, several times.

They got to see the "jaws of life"...

Compare the size of a truck tire to Alex...

See a real fire fighter in all his gear. Alex did not like the look of the mask or the sound of the oxygen tank...

We had a really great time, all thanks to fire fighter and family friend, Frank...

Thanks Frank. Love ya bud!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Tooth Fairy and The Three Little Bears

Lily has been doing her chores and saving her allowance for what seems like forever (to her). In reality, it has been about 6 weeks. We were at West County a couple months ago when Lily spied Build-A-Bear. It's been a long time since we have been to B-A-B and she was literally crying because we wouldn't take her there. Lily doesn't cry over many things. She is a pretty good talker, briber, manipulator, if you will... When she cried, I thought two things 1) she is very tired or 2) she really wants a Build-A-Bear. She has saved every cent she has received since that day.

On Saturday, something wonderful and exciting happened!! Lily lost her first tooth :).

She had been recently told by a 5 year old friend of hers that the tooth fairy did not exist so she had a lot of questions about how it was all going to work.

"Mama, are you going to put the money under my pillow for the tooth fairy?"

"Who put the money for you when you were a little girl?"

"What if the tooth fairy doesn't come?"

I could see the concern in her eyes as I said, "We'll just have to wait and see".

The morning started as usual...the kids playing, trying to occupy themselves while Mama wakes up. Then I heard it. Excitement! Lily came in with a bag of coins. In the bag, there was a letter from the tooth fairy, telling her that she did a good job brushing her teeth and that she had taken the tooth in exchange for this little treat. We then found a trail of pixey dust in her room. It was all very exciting (have I said it was exciting, yet, lol).

The excitement escalated when I told her that with the tooth fairy money, she now had enough to get a Build-A-Bear!!!!!

After church on Sunday, we headed to Build-A-Bear. It was so fun to watch Lily. Alex got excited once he saw how excited Lily was and Nathanael, well he napped :).

This is Lily and "Diamond", the unicorn.

Alex and "Tiger", the tiger..
And Nathanael and "Squirt", the puppy..

Clearly, he loves his puppy, lol!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Who me? Yes you!! That's who!

Have I mentioned that the kids spent the week at Crocodile Dock VBS at Grace Church? Nope! Know why?

I because I am a slacker!

Did I show you these pics of the kids from the week?

Nope. If I had, I would've told you that they are looking like a croc is about to get them.

But I didn't.

Because I am a slacker.

And what about Lily and her BFF?

Nope. If I had, I would've told you that they spent the entire week attached at the hip, like they used to, before their mother's had a fight and haven't talked in nearly two years. Thank goodness children can be mature!

But I didn't.

Because I am a slacker!

Did I tell you that my one and only niece, Caoilainn (Kay-lin), turned the big 2??

Nope. If I had, I would've told you that she is a sweetheart, lives very far away, and probably doesn't know that she has an aunt that hearts her so much.

But I didn't.

Because I am a slacker.

Did I tell you that my baby boy is now starting to sleep through the night?

Nope. If I had, I would've told you that I am letting him sleep in my bed, on his belly, with a blanket and that if "the professionals" found out they would probably flip out!

I also would've told you that I am still not getting any sleep because I am constantly checking on him because of him crazy sleeping arrangements.

But I didn't.

Because I am a slacker.

Did I tell you that reading my fellow rascal raising's blog made me feel all warm and fuzzy towards my husband? (thanks Amb!).

Nope. If I had, I would've told you that this is a picture from the first time we met. That we were madly in love with each other almost right away. And that I am itching to get us back to that honeymoon stage, one day soon.

But I didn't.

Because I am a slacker!

There's lot more slacking off to be posted but for now it must be put on hold.... Thanks for being patient with me out there in blogworld. Love you all!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Checkup # .....ummm.....??

Nathanael had his seventeenhundreth appt. on Wednesday. He is a big 10.7 lbs :). The doc upped his pepcid and gave me some suggestions for his bad pooper. Interesting, I know! We talked about his baby smurf belly button. He has a hernia, which should go away within a year, or so. Nothing to get excited about! After a quick once-over he deemed him healthy, once again :). See ya in another month *sigh*.

Playdate with the Prusinowski kiddos

We had a surprise playdate yesterday. An old church friend, Heather, had some last min VBS things to do so her kiddos came to play with my kiddos. Our kids have been friends since birth. We used to all attend the same church. I love their family :).

Last August I took a couple group photos of the kids....

And a couple on their latest visit.....

What a riot!!