Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life These Days...

is great!

is tiring.

is busy.

chaotic but GREAT!

So many things have changed over the past several months and we are still adjusting,

to a new baby.

to a three kid family

to a new church (or old church, depending on how you look at it)

to new friends and old friends

to preschool

but it's all great!

And I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Nathanael, who is now 6 months is just the bestest baby ever! He is sweet and doing so well.

Lily and Alex are in preschool (except this week 'cause we all got the kickyainthepants swine flu). Lily is loving it and doing well. Alex, hmmm, doesn't want to get up, doesn't want to get dressed, doesn't want to see a pattern here?

We are back at Grace! I know, WHAT?? Yep, back at Grace and feeling God's love like never before.

Everyone's healthy and God is so good! Really, what else is there?

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