Monday, February 1, 2010

Working Girl

8 steps to shock your system.

1. Be at stay-at-home mom for 5+ years
2. Have a thought or two about going back to work
3. Stop by your local choice of employment, fill out an app, just for fun
4. Have interview #1
5. Have interview #2
6. Get hired, full-time
7. Start on Monday
Pay particular attention to the last step because it's most important....(drum roll please)
8. Do it all in one weeks time.

Now, sit back and watch your body not know if it's coming or going. Expect sleepless nights, although you are exhausted. An upset stomach and inability to get up in the morning, on time, is usual for most. Forgetting to take a lunch to work may happen since, in the past, food was within reach, at all times. Expect many mini-break downs because the tasks you used to take for granted are now being done by someone else.

~Kelly, working girl

1 comment:

  1. WHAT?????

    You went back to work???

    Kelly!!! Oh my goodness. That would also be 8 steps to shock your family! :)

    WOWZERS. Girl, I hope it is awesome for you. I really do. I hope everything works out amazingly.

    You are one brave cookie.