Thursday, February 12, 2009

Energy Plus

Well, I have huge bursts of energy alternating with extreme tiredness. During those times of sheer energy I have been getting a lot done. Since Tuesday I took down the outside Christmas decorations, cleaned out the garage, raked leaves, painted one living room wall, mopped the dining room floor, cleaned the kids closets and did load after load of laundry..... So, last night I could barely move without feeling pain. I spent the evening on the couch and today I am stuck in bed. Todd has taken the day off to take the kids to school, go to Lily's Valentine's party and pick them back up. As much as I hate to miss out on stuff I know I need to rest.
I can't help myself from doing stuff around the house. It needs to be done and I hate sitting around. But, with that being said, I have learned my lesson. I am not going to do anything other than light chores. I am bummed but it's worth it for the baby. So, I am going to enjoy my "day off" and take it easy from here on in.
And Alex pooped on the potty today:) First time ever:)



  1. Ok this one is all weird symbols again and I can't read it. I can read the taco soup post though. Not sure whats going on???

  2. I can read it now! You take it easy :-)