Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Child's Prayer

Lily caught her first frog on the weekend. She was so excited. Todd sent her in the house, thinking for sure that I would say, take it back outside. When she asked if she could keep it, I said sure, got her a plastic container and a bowl of water for our new pet.

Well, needless to say, the frog was not thriving. This morning we convinced Lily, against her will, that she needed to let him go today, before he croaked (LOL, sorry, I couldn't resist). She was pretty devastated.

Then we jumped in the car and headed to Border's for story-time. We listened to "Get The Sillies Out" about the Yo Gabba Gabba gang. Then we colored, cut and glued some pictures together while eating a cookie and drinking milk. It was the first time we had been to the story-time and I really enjoyed it. I think the kids did too, lol.

We grabbed a quick drink then headed to Todd's office to say hello. We stayed and visited for a few mins, then headed home. After lunch we painted ceramics for a while. Painting is one of the kid's favorite crafty things to do. Lily could paint for hours, if you let her.

We watched a movie, ate dinner, had a bath and were all ready for bed. Todd had to work really late, so at the last minute we decided to put together dinner for him and run it over to his office. He was really surprised to see us. We hung out while he munched on some of the yummies we took him.

Once home, we read a couple books and settled in for the night. The best part of my day was Lily's prayer......

Dear God, thank you for Nathanael, that he is sick. Make him better soon. Thank you for froggie. I let him go. I hope I can get another froggie soon. Thank you for us going to that place we went to today that we hadn't been to before. Thank you for going to daddy's office and giving him hugs for bedtime. Thank you for today. Thank you for loving us. I love you God. Amen.

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  1. OKAY....I HATE FROGS! So the fact that you let Lily keep one makes you the most awesome mom ever. Woo Hoo for you. Kirk would send the boys in with a frog just to see me scream.

    Your day sounds perfect!!

    And that prayer....oh my gosh. So sweet.