Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Am Thankful For...

I started this post off with the title of "Grumblings". I wanted to quickly spout off all the things that are annoying me today...some small, some not so small.

But instead, I decided to write about this.....

I am thankful for:

~a healthy, happy baby who melts my heart with just a smile

~a healthy, happy 3 yr old, who is smart and funny

~a healthy, happy 4 yr old, who is caring and gentle

~a husband who works very hard to provide for all our needs

~the garage door has held on for another week

~my flowers out front are still alive

~being able to sit outside today in the shade due to a beautiful breeze

~chocolate cake

~that when asked, God will forgive me for my shortcomings today

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