Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emergency 911

Remember this show?

Emergency 911. It ran from 1972-1977. And for some reason, I remember it well, even though I was very young when it was on.

On Monday I took the kids to Fire House No.1.

When we entered the inside of the fire house I was struck with how similar it was to the tv show. It was exactly the same! Same kitchen set-up. Same old comfy chairs in front of their television. I mean, it was really weird, lol. Wouldn't you think they would've upgraded in the last 30 years. Although, they no longer have the fireman pole. Bummer!

After the "boring" stuff we went to the firetruck.

They climbed all over the truck, in and out, several times.

They got to see the "jaws of life"...

Compare the size of a truck tire to Alex...

See a real fire fighter in all his gear. Alex did not like the look of the mask or the sound of the oxygen tank...

We had a really great time, all thanks to fire fighter and family friend, Frank...

Thanks Frank. Love ya bud!!!

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