Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baby Meets Baby

While in hospital, I met Lisa, Ryan, Sophia and Ethan. They are members at FBCA, Lisa and Ryan are in our Sunday school class. While chatting we realized that we had a few things in common. From those commonalities a friendship has grown.

Yesterday we had our first playdate/meet and greet. The kids and I ventured out to Lonedell to play and meet the new baby, Josiah, born 6/13. Lisa and I have spent a great deal of time lately talking about our interesting third pregnancies. Each story is unique, yet equally full of challenges and surprises.

As we drove up the gravel driveway to their home I was struck with a peaceful feeling. The house is a little ways from the road, just enough that you have to be intentionally looking for it. It is surrounded by many God-made and people-made gardens. The first to greet us were the cats, lazing in the heat.

Within mins of the kiddos meeting, they were splashing in the pool. It was soooo hot out!

After the pool, they all headed inside and investigated each and every toy!

I was looking forward to getting my hands on the new baby. He was sound asleep when we got there. And since you don't wake a sleeping baby, we left well enough alone. I had to sneak a peak though. There he was, all sweet looking, sleeping on Lisa's bed.

And then he woke....

Ok, well he woke long enough to eat, then went back to sleep :).

I thought from the photos I had seen online that the babies would look a lot alike. I don't think I realized how much Nathanael had grown until we lied the babies beside each other.

Lily grabbed the camera and took this picture of Sophia. It is so cute, I had to post it.

Lily and Ethan tested the rocking horse....

Thankfully, it held them!

It was a great day. I think everyone had a good time. I thoroughly enjoyed the adult conversation. Lily and Alex played hard. It was a quiet ride home....

I am thankful for Lisa. Thankful to have a friend that truly understands what my life is like right now. Thankful that God put us together at a time when we needed each other! Thankful that in her crazy life she had time to have us over for a day of fun.


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