Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Me and the Little Man

Happy B-day Jana! Tonight they are having a huge surprise party for her 40th. Todd, Pop and the kids headed out a couple hours ago. Nathanael and I chose to stay home and snuggle instead. I figure a large amount of people equals a large amount of germs.
So, we have a movie, pizza and a whole lot of quality time planned. We spent the last hour playing on the couch and the playmat. It's great to have him all to myself with no distractions. It's strange being here without Lily and Alex and I will be glad to have them home but for the time being, the quiet is nice.
Nathanael tried really hard to roll over this evening. I saw him go over once but I think I had his arm tucked under him so it doesn't count. He is such a cutie :). I am still waiting for that first smile. I just know my heart is going to melt.
Since I am being stared at by a sweet little boy in a swing, I better go....


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  1. What is it with these boyfriends of ours?! Can they get any more snuggly? Sounds like someone's heart is already melted like butter on hot bread! To think God thinks the same of us...