Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Day With the Boys.

Lily is out of town. She was invited to great-grandma's house. She left with Pop this morning and won't be back until tomorrow afternoon. I miss her already but I hope she is having a good time!
I decided since I was down a kid that I would venture out. I took Alex and Nathanael to the Transportation Museum. It was a perfect day for an outdoor adventure. Nathanael took his first train ride and loved it! It put him right to sleep, lol. Alex, I think, thrived mostly, on all the attention. It was nice to spoil him a little bit :). The day flew by.
Tonight I went to visit the new twins!! Geneva's daughter, Kim, delivered on Tuesday. The boys weighed 3.1 and 4.8. The looked very healthy tonight. They are breathing on their own and eating well. Mom is doing "ok", although she looked uncomfortable (to be expected). I am so happy for Kim and Mark!
Off to take care of my wee one....


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