Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bad Belly :(

Little man had a bad belly day. He started fussing at lunch. He would be resting and suddenly start screaming and drawing his legs up. It got progressively worse over the next hour until his monitor was going off over and over for an elevated heart rate. He had a fever, which was probably from him screaming so loudly. After three hours of screaming I called the dr. He suggested Maalox. I questioned Mylicon gtts and he said sure! So, I gave him both and he had almost immediate results. Once he got comfortable he slept for almost 7 hours! Poor bub. He exhausted himself. The dr. said that this type of behaviour is not uncommon in babies that have reflux. He is already on pepcid. I had flashbacks of Lily as a baby. She cried all the time. I remember calling Todd at work, crying, because I couldn't get her to stop crying. At least I know what to expect this time. I feel much more equipped to deal with a colicky baby than I did with my first one. Maybe this was just an off day. I can always hope :).
The twins I have been praying for are still where they are supposed to be:). They are doing well. Mom is miserable but hoping to make it a bit further. Miles, is holding his own...home soon, I think? Lisa, still pregnant and completely uncomfortable. It's time for her but only God knows when!
I am so tired. Late night, little sleep. Hope for a little more tonight!


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