Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Nathanael had his first nursery followup at Cardinal Glennon today. The neonatologist, Dr. Walentik, checked his weight, length, head circumference, ears, gag reflex, muscle tone, etc... She was very pleased with his progress. She said if he didn't know his history she wouldn't know he is a preemie. That made me feel great!!! He weighs 6.10, almost a pound more than at discharge. According to his growth chart he is progressing as hoped. She was pleased with his growth and muscle tone. Nathanael is able to hold his head up and hold his extremities out when held in the air, showing good muscle tone. She said he is doing more than to be expected in regards to muscle tone. He had a head u/s but I do not have the results yet. He had electrolytes drawn to see if they can take him off of the sodium chloride.
She talked to me about sleeping and eating habits. She also told me what to expect in regards to followup appts. They will want to see him at 6 months (CGA-corrected gestational age), 15 months (CGA), and at 24 months. He will see a physiotherapist at his next appt. At age 2 he will have a developmental and cognitive screening to ensure he is up to par. The neonatologist isn't worried that Nathanael will have any problems but she said you can't tell for sure at this age how they will develop.
He will have to have heart monitor until about 43 weeks, which is mid to end of June. I was surprised to hear that he will have it for that long but I will comply with whatever they suggest. He has a cardiologist appt June 5th. They adjusted the monitor today because his heartrate has dropped due to being older and closer to term.
We talked about immunizations and routine checkups. It sounds like Nathanael will be very closely monitored for quite some time. I feel good knowing that should he fall behind on anything that it will likely be picked up asap.So, all is well. I wasn't concerned that they would find something wrong but what do I know, lol.
I stopped at Todd's office on the way home and picked up the other two munchkins. They had a good day at daddy's office. They haven't been there in a while. It is quite warm out today. I hope to get out with all three kiddos after dinner when it cools a bit. That's if I don't fall asleep before the kids, lol.
Good report, good day....


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