Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Stormy Day

According to the weather man, it was supposed to rain all week. Mon and Tues were beautiful, warm and windy. So...I washed the durango, and voila, it is now raining, lol. The storms started last night. I love thunderstorms. Although I don't panic when I hear the word tornado anymore, I can do without the warnings.
When it storms I worry about the power because Nathanael's monitor battery only lasts about 12 hours, fully charged. I have grown to rely on the monitor to let me know if anything is wrong. It's a comfortable feeling to know that we will be alerted if anything changes with his respirations or heartrate.
Today has been an indoor lazy day for the kids because of the weather. I caught up on some much needed cleaning, such as scraping the paint off the floor from the new kitchen cabinet remodelling. I feel like the house is finally getting back in order.
Well, it's dinner time. I better get cracking! I am out of here.


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