Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today was the last MOPS meeting for the school year. They planned a day of testimonies and called it tea and testimony. I called it tears and testimony. We first hear from a woman who has dealt with some very personal, emotional issues over the past several months. She shed several tears as she talked about how the women of MOPS have helped her and cared for her throughout her journey.
I had, in the back of my head, that I needed to stand up and thank everyone as well. I had written my thought down in a card a couple of weeks ago, just incase I couldn't get up and talk in front of the group. Mostly, I was afraid of breaking down in front of all those women. But, with that being said, when I got there and found out the we were having a day of testimonies and sharing, I knew that God had set the stage. I was able to get up and thank everyone for all the love, support and especially their prayers throughout the entire pregnancy and post-partum. It's amazing how God works. I have a couple of very supportive friends that live miles and miles away that I know I can rely on at all times but none close by. When I was invited to MOPS, I had no idea what God had in store for me. I will be forever grateful to Him for having MOPS be a part of His plan. I am not sure I conveyed just much I appreciated everything the MOPS have done for me. If fact, with the nervousness and tears, I am not sure I made any sense, lol. Words never sum up such emotions anyway, do they?
I look forward to meeting up with many of the moms throughout the summer. They are asking for volunteers for next years MOPS team. I am considering it. Since there are small as well as big jobs, I think I could start small this year. I will have to pray and see where God leads me.
I am so thankful for God's love. It was so evident today in our meeting room. I don't think that there was a person there that hasn't been personally touching by Him. So many of the moms have been witnesses to me throughout my journey. What a blessing MOPS has been to me.
As I type, I hold a sick? baby. After his checkup yesterday, Nathanael was very sleepy. He had difficulty taking his bottles last night and has been sleeping a lot. The neonatologist told me to up his amount of formula so I equated the sleepiness to being tired out from the appt and the increase in food. But today he has been very sleepy and not eating well. He has had to be woken up to eat and has only been taking half of his normal amount of formula. Tonight he woke up, very hungry. Todd fed him close to 2 oz. He started gagging and brought up, maybe a 1/3 of it. He has had two watery stools. As far as I can tell he does not have a fever. Todd woke me at 2:40 am and said that he had taken 1 oz and was back to sleep. I tried to feed him a bit more. He ate very slow. He spit up for an hour afterwards. Everytime I lie him down he spits up. I tried putting him in his car seat but he didn't like that at all. So, I have been holding him on my chest for an hour. He is peacefully sleeping at the moment. I guess it will be a sleepless night for me. Sleep is overated anyway, isn't it?
Todd has to go to a client site tomorrow. Lily has her class end-of-year picnic. I was planning to take Nathanael to the park for the picnic. Maybe one day they will invent something that allows moms to split themselves in two :). Until then, one day at a time :).
Prayer requests:
*8 month old, Miles, who feel off the bed, bleeding in the brain. At Children's hospital.
*Kim, pregnant with twins. 32 weeks along, body wanting to deliver.
*Jennifer, pregnant with twins. Faced with a possible complicated pregnancy due to clotting factors.
*the MOPS moms and families. Protection and to feel God's love :).
*Lisa, pregnant, gestational diabetes. Safe delivery and healthy baby.
I could write pages of requests. I am just going to write the newest, most urgent, daily requests. Well, I should try to lie the babe down again so I can catch a few winks.

;) Kelly

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