Thursday, May 7, 2009

Family Time

Family time, all the time these days. It's so great!! I have, somehow managed to spread my time around so that no one has been left out. Todd took Lily on a field trip today, leaving some good bonding time for me and the baby. (Alex was at children's day out). I am so grateful for Todd this week. He is working from home, allowing me to keep up with everything.
Nathanael is just now starting to have some awake periods. They only last a few mins and usually lead into hunger, but it's nice to make eye contact. I can tell he knows my voice because he seems to search for me when I speak. He also looks around when the other kids are around. He is starting to hold up his head when I have him on my chest. I can't wait for that first smile. He is going to be grown before I know it. And he isn't even supposed to be born yet!!
I am working hard on myself these days. I have lost 30 lbs :). I am fasting sweets for one month, which has helped a lot. I went to the gym today. First time since....well, I can't remember when...opps :). And I didn't die, lol. The cardio wasn't too bad but the weights...I am a little weak. So, that means, take it sloooow.
It's supposed to thunderstorm tonight. I love night thunderstorms. What an awesome sound. I love the really hard rain. So, here's to a "stormy" sleep...


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