Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

What a wonderful Mother's Day it is!!! I am so blessed( x3). I woke up to a small voice saying "Happy Mother's Day". Alex was to my right, Lily to my left and Nathanael, in Todd's arm at the end of the bed. They brought me cards and breakfast in bed. It was so sweet. We spent the day together and went to Ponderosa for dinner. I got to shop for a few items on Friday evening for Mother's Day. I love new clothes :). All in all, the day was fabulous!
Everyone here is doing well. Nathanael is such a sweetie. He has been cracking me up. He can be completely asleep one minute and screeching the next. I think he doesn't realize he can be awake and not be eating. It's kinda funny and cute. He has this little tiny voice. He tries so hard to make enough noise to be noticed when it's actually just a funny screech. The only real awake period he is having lasts a couple hours off and on. Unfortunately it's usually between 1am and 3am. Bummer! Lucky for me, Todd has been getting up and feeding him around that time.
Lily and Alex still think Nathanael is pretty cool. I am glad that the novelty of a new brother hasn't worn off yet. Todd and I are trying hard to spend extra time with them, letting them know that most things are the same around the house.
LOL, I am wondering why I went to the gym on Thursday. I was finally pain free. My body has been aching ever since. But, I need to keep at it. I have a dr's appt tomorrow. I am looking forward to the go-ahead to resume all normal activities. I am thinking bootcamp again but that may be too much for me right now. We'll see..... I am determined to get back in shape, cardio wise, etc. I don't care too much about the weight right now. I just want to get my stamina and energy back.
It's been a great day. I am beat and ready for bed. So, I am off....


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