Monday, May 11, 2009

A Good Report.

I had a wonderful day today. I had my 6 weeks post-partum checkup. I got a good report. All is well so I got the go ahead to resume all "normal" activities. Although, I was warned to take it slow and listen to my body. He mentioned that my incision could be "adjusted". I said, "like surgery?". He said "yes" and I said "no way, no how". They will have to drag me kicking and screaming to surgery in the future. I am not vain enough to care about an area that only a few will see. It's not like I will be wearing a bikini, lol. I am happy to have a good final report and be discharged from his care but I was sad to say goodbye to my specialist. I thanked him and his team for the wonderful care throughout this process. And now the new adventure of getting my body back into shape begins!
I spent the rest of the day outside, with the family. We went to Pop's and planted more veggies. Lily and Alex ran around while I shared a blanket with Nathanael. The neighbour came over with Alex's b-day gift and something for Nathanael. Then we all headed to Culvers for some yummy, fried food. I have been so good with my eating that I splurged. I didn't eat dessert but I sure enjoyed the butterburger and onion rings, LOL. Guess I'll have to work that off asap!
I love the sounds at night when the house is silent. I can hear the occasional car drive past our open window. I can hear Todd and the baby breathing, ever so softly. What a great day. Thank you Lord :).


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