Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's So Nice!

It is soooo nice to have Nathanael home. It is amazing how "normal" life is now. I am physically feeling about 90% and everyone is here, all together! What else can I ask for??
Nathanael is such a sweetie. I love being able to hold me anytime I want to. Last night I sat on the couch after everyone else went to bed and held him for almost 3 hours. I had so many other things to do but I have a lot of catching up to do with Nathanael. His skin is so soft. And I can't get over his blonde hair. He is still sleeping a lot. He wakes up about 10 mins before he needs to eat, makes a mini-fuss, eats and goes back to sleep, LOL! What a life. His only issue is that he seems to have a little belly problem. He often fusses and pulls his knees after eating. Poor bub! Right now he is snoozing next to me in his car seat. He seems to like to sit up a little after he eats. I had laundry to change over and lunches to make so I popped him in his car seat. He looks so cozy. Sleeping like a baby....hehe, I couldn't resist the pun :).
Lily and Alex love him. So far I haven't seen any jealousy. I worried a lot about how Alex would do with some competition but so far, so good. Both kids want to touch him and help out all the time. They race to see who can get his blanket first. It's really cute.
Todd has been working from home this week. It's been a huge help. I can call on him to help with little things throughout the day. And he has been taking "the night shift", he calls it. He has been getting up at 3am and 6am to feed Nathanael. I think Todd and I are finally getting back on track too!
I have been able to catch up on some much needed housework. I got out all my summer clothes from last year and they fit!!! The house looks better than it has in a while. Who would've thought bring home a new baby would be less work than having one at the hospital. It's so nice to have him home.
Well, since I am the only one awake I should be using my free time wisely. Laundry calls...


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