Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We ventured out, very early (yawn), Saturday morning. Our destination, Poplar Bluff. On the way down, we detoured to Piedmont, to Geneva's family reunion. The kids played in the creek, peddled bikes, ate snow cones. They had a fabulous time. The adults ate lots of great food, played a bean bag toss game (Todd's team were the champs!) and sat around and enjoyed the company and great weather.
At the end of the day we heading to Grandma Scott's. Last year we celebrated Memorial Day weekend in Poplar Bluff, enjoyed ourselves and decided to do it again this year. Each year, Todd's grandmother, visits all the local cemetaries, placing flowers on all the graves of loved ones. We had the privilege to join her again. It's like a two hour family history lesson. We listen as she tells us how this person was related to that person and often, how each one passed on. There are many gravestones dated in the 1800's. It's very enlightning.
We stopped to visit Todd's grandfather, who was a veteran, and Todd's mom. I cried as Todd introduced Nathanael to Barb, while standing over her gravestone. I can't imagine how Todd's heart aches as he has had to introduce all three of our children this way. On the way home from the visiting we stopped at a house that used to be owned by Todd's other grandmother. Todd knocked on the door and asked the new owners if he could show his family "the rock" in the front yard. Todd spend many hours playing on this rock and was determined that his kids would get to as well. I got a great pic of Todd and the three kids on the rock. It's definitely gonna go on the wall somewhere!
It rained Sunday and Monday but Lily and Alex made the best of it. They enjoyed being at Grandma's. I think it was nice for them to go somewhere new and exciting for a change. Life has been a little dull around the house for them lately. The were a little bummed out that they didn't get to use their new frog pool that we purchased especially for the weekend.
At the end of the weekend we were all tired, well fed and full of great memories. I am so glad that we take the time to remember those that are gone. We really should do it more often. It's important to us that our kids know where we came from and who we have to thank for it.
Today was back to reality! I enjoy being away but am always happy to be home. There's nothing like my own bed to make me smile. Even if there's a little babe calling me from it through the night :). Here's to a good night sleep!!!
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