Friday, March 20, 2009

30 Weeks!!!

We have made it to 30 weeks!!! Almost unbelievable. I had an ultrasound this morning and the baby looks great. He weighs 4.0 lbs!!!!! He is measuring 9 days over his age.....big boy:). Although, that's nothing new to this womb. I feel very encouraged by making it to 30 weeks. I can actually see us making it to 34, which seemed unimaginable when we were admitted.
The other patient, with the same diagnoses, was rushed for a c-section and surgery today. I heard the outcome was good. Thank you Lord! I just pray that our outcome is equally as successful!
The kids are visiting "the guys" for the weekend. Todd came up and we ordered chinese food. Yummy! It was a nice treat. He is here now hanging out with me. I appreciate him staying, since a quiet night at home probably sounds like pure bliss to him, right about now.
So, I will sign out for another night..... Sore throat developing....hope it's nothing....


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