Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Quiet Day

Today was pretty quiet. I got up in a chair for a while, which felt sooooo good! The kids got to play outside tonight! I am happy for them that the weather is getting nice. They enjoy running in the grass and breathing the fresh air. Tammy from FBCA stopped in today and gave me the funniest book, full of cartoons, about motherhood. Very cute.
Well, that's all for today....... Tomorrow I will be here two weeks. What a blessing to make it two weeks!!
Oh, and they weighed me today and I lost 5 lbs....I guess that's what days of not eating will to do to a person. As long as the baby gets what he needs, I don't care what my weight is.
Gonna try to sleep without a sleeping pill tonight. Wish me luck:)

Kelly <3

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