Sunday, March 1, 2009

27 Weeks and Counting....

I was admitted to St. Mary's last Thursday with pre-term labour. The first couple of days were touch and go and Fri evening I thought we were going to be having the baby. Since then, each day seems to get better....the contractions are less, the bleeding is less and the craziness in my head has slowed.
I am developing a different relationship with God throughout this trial. I can see some of the stepping stones that were set in place months ago that have now become vital pieces of each and every day. I am learning to lean on Him the most when I become scared or anxious. I keep repeating the scripture that Mindy brought in and taped to the wall. I am positive that God is working for the good of me and His people.
Some days pass slow, while others are gone with barely a blink. I have had numerous visitors from FBCA. Again, being obedient, and following what we thought was guidance by God to join FBCA, has blessed us ten-fold. I am in awe of His power and His plan!
We currently are not going without one single thing.... We have meals for Todd and the kids planned for Mon-Fri, every week. We have had enough offers of daycare to take care of the kids til this is all over!!! I have bags of books, movies, playing cards, etc to keep busy between visitors. I am just so impressed with the response. I have heard from friends that I haven't talked to in months...some broken friendships. There is no mention of anything other than how they can help. True testimony of who they really are inside!
Well, I will try and update daily... God is good!

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