Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am totally overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and support from my church, surrounding churches, my MOPS group, friends and family!!! I have literally been spoiled. I don't need or want for anything here. I am so well taken care! I had five visitors today, three of which I had never met before. It's amazing how God's love shines in a situation like this.
I did my very first suduko puzzle today....with a pen...opps. It took me hours, lol. At least I am not on a time restraint :).
Things continue to be stable....little bleeding, little contractions:). I thank God that one more day is at a close and pray for another peaceful night.
The kids slept in today so Todd took the day off and kept them home from school. I am sure it was nice for them to have a relaxing day at home. I missed seeing them but I know it's so much work for them to come up here. I hope to see them tomorrow.
Prayers for my friend Mary that is having gallbladder surgery tomorrow!
I'm outta here:)


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  1. Thanks for the prayers chicka! Tomorrow is 29 weeks, yay God! Love to you and continuing to pray.