Monday, March 23, 2009

My veins have had enough and are saying, no more! The docs talked to me today about a central line. Tomorrow morning I will go to the OR and with a local (possibly a general), I will have a central line inserted into my chest. Of course, like with everything else, there is a risk....bleeding, pneumothorax, etc, but it is a pretty routine procedure. Apparently the other lady with the accreta had a problem with her IV access on the way to surgery and they said that they don't want to take that chance with me. I will soon be able to use both arms freely:).
One of my favorite residents came in about an hour ago and we had a long chat about the surgery plans. She told me that the incision is going to start at the top of my chest and run vertically down to my belly button, zigzig around the belly button and run downward. It's the safest way to get to all of the arteries around the uterus without having to mess with the placenta. She also said that they will be leaving my cervix in, as removing it can cause a large blood loss....and they will be leaving my ovaries, unless they don't want to come apart from the uterus. She talked about possibly leaving part of the placenta attached, etc...basically, that once they get in there they will have to make judgement calls based on what is best for me at that time. I asked about recovery. She said basic recovery is 2 days in ICU and then up to a week on a regular floor.
It sounds like they learned a lot from doing surgery last week on the other mom with the accreta. It's purely God!!!
Kim Miller stopped by earlier and made me a small baby album. We played dominos and chatted. As usual, it was nice to have a visitor. No kiddos today....totally bummed me out. They will be coming, tomorrow, after school.
Well, I'm gonna eat me some dinner and watch the season finale of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Until tomorrow....



  1. Hope everything goes well with your procedure tomorrow.

    We're praying for you, Kelly.

  2. Kelly--your headbanger friend wishes you well! Someday, I even hope to meet you! ;)
    Seriously, I'm praying for you!
    Jenny Fletcher