Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Day of Prayer

There were many prayers sent out today and many met. Mary had gallbladder surgery, which went well and she is at home recooperating. Maddie, my parent's neighbour's little girl, was admitted to hospital with something the docs had never seen. She is now home and about 80% better. Mary's mother-in-law Fran is in need of prayer. She has been fighting cancer for some time now. She is really suffering now and Mary has asked for pray for her to go home. I feel for the family. Tomorrow, Todd's mom will be gone 7 years. I can't say it's any easier on him that it was years ago. So, Todd, his brother and dad are in need of prayer as well.
I am thankful that my prayers have been answered and baby and I have made it through yet another day. The nurse came in a while ago and said that I was having a run of contractions and that they may increase my magnesium. I am not feeling any of them and having no bleeding, which is good....but they gotta do what they gotta do:).
I asked my doctor today what time frame he is thinking. He said 34 weeks would be ideal...or maybe even push it longer, as long as everything is going well. So, we wait :).
I had a really good friend, Judy, come to visit today. It was really nice to see her. The kids came for a visit as well. They got their hair cut on Monday and they looked so cute!! It's always so great to see them. I am so grateful that Todd makes time to bring them up here so often.
I tried to sleep without any meds last night and was up late!! I am exhausted tonight and hope for a better night sleep.
Caio for now:)


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