Monday, March 2, 2009

More Advances

Today was another quiet day:). The doc decided that the baby does not need constant monitoring so I am a couple more wires less. I was also given the freedom to be up in a chair three times a day, which is huge!!! I am excited and nervous about the increase in activity. I want to just lie still and not ripple the waters and yet I know that the docs wouldn't allow something that would be potentially harmful to me and my babe.
I met some more new people from FBCA. Sandy? and her two daughters came to visit and brought me a bag of goodies...bubbles, pen and paper, nice smelly lotion, baby wipes, etc.... It is great to meet everyone from our church, since it is sooooo big...just wish it were under different circumstances.
Mimi is my nurse tonight. We've been through a lot together since I've arrived. She is wonderful and caring and personable and, and, and..... I am truly blessed with the care that I have received since admission:).
Todd's biggest client will no longer be needing his services at the end of March. It's a blessing in disguise. It will free up some of Todd's time. This is the only client that requires him to be on-site for any length of time throughout a work week. We will financially have to shuffle some things around but will be ok. Fortunately, we have had many talks about what and where to cost in the event of such circumstances.
So, overall, a good day! God is keeping me strong! He will provide:).


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  1. thanks for the update Kel.... is it chair time yet? lol.. but not funny....