Monday, March 30, 2009

A Day of Wonderful Surprises!

It's been a great day!!! It has been full of wonderful surprises!!
1) First pump of the day....milk! Yippee! I've been able to pump enough to feed Nathanael all day:).
2) I had my catheter, my IVfluids and my dialysis catheter removed today:).
3) I walked in the hallway with physio, enjoyed it and had less pain because of it.
4) I had pain control all day:).
5) I had a MOPS visit and they brought me a "Basket of Hope" basket. It is full of amazing baby and mommy gifts, including several spiritual items, and a camera. Michelle brought me some of her little guy's premie clothes. Mary took some pics of Nathanael and I.
6) I got to HOLD Nathanael!!!!! I am not sure he loved it but I was melting!
7) The nurses took some picture of me holding Nathanael.
8) I received several visits from drs and nurse, just saying hello...
9) I received the most beautiful flowers from Adam, Tarrah and Caoilainn.
Life is good. Thank you God for all your many blessings.


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