Thursday, March 12, 2009

Three Weeks!

I have been in hospital for three weeks! Most days have gone by pretty fast. Today flew by, thanks to my visitors. Jessie was here for hours and pampered me by shaving my legs and giving me a manicure and pedicure. She also brought me some beautiful bright flowers from her family. The March's, Heather Patterson and Beth (Duep) came to visit as well. I feel very loved :).
Things are about the same. I had a small amount of bleeding today, all old blood, thankfully!
I am excited to make it to 29 weeks, which is tomorrow:). I can't believe we've been at this three weeks already. More to come:).
Alex got sent home from school today with pink eye. Todd's pretty sure it's not pink eye but is gonna treat it with drops, as the dr. suggested. They went out for dinner with Pop. I am glad that they all spent the day together.
Well.....there's not much else to report! Prayers still going out to Fran and family!


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  1. Hey, Kelly! I checked your blog a few weeks ago and didn't see anything. Checked it again tonight and there are two weeks' worth of posts. I enjoyed reading them! This will be priceless in the future. When Nathaniel goes off to college you will probably stumble across these and relive these memories.
    Have a restful night's sleep. Keep up the blog!