Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome Baby Nathanael!!!

Another wake up call, Sat, 2am, bright red bleeding. Small amount of bright red bleeding and then trickled darker bleeding for hours. I suffered cramps and back pain off and on throughout the night. They gave me terbutaline in the wee hours for contractions. large gush, bright red around 7:30-8:00 am. The docs came in and told me that they were preparing me for the c-section. I called Todd and told him to get up here asap. I was able to talk to him on the phone as they rolled me into the OR. No time for the balloons or to take me to the main OR.
I remember, "Kelly, take a deep breath, then another'. And I was out!! I woke several hours later being told that it was all over and that both I had a baby and that both of us are fine. I was still really out of it. They took me to ICU next, I think. There I battled pain for an hour until I was out again. I woke at 6:30, or night???
Todd came by and filled me in on everything I missed. He showed me some pics of Nathanael:). Beauty:). I couldn't wait to meet him.
I spent the night in ICU, in and out of sleep due to meds. I started luck yet. They moved me back to the 5th floor but a different wing than where I spent the last 5 weeks. I spent the day moving around a little bit but apparently they want me to start slooooooow!!! I got to see Nathanael for the first time around 11am today. I can feel tears coming now as I write about it. It was a wonderful moment. My beautiful baby boy:).
Todd and the kids came to visit for a few hours this afternoon. Unfortunately, they recently put into place a new policy, that siblings have to be at least 6 to visit the NICU. It was very disappointing. Hopefully they will at least get to see him through the window in the next few weeks.
I took another trip to see Nathanael this evening. I spoke with the NICU at long length about expectations and care for Nathanael. When he was born he cried and had an apgar of a full term baby. Yeah!!! They had to intubate him later in the day because he was really trying hard to breathe. They were able to extubate him this afternoon. He is now on a c-pap. He also is jaundice and the nurse expected that he will be under the lights tomorrow morning. But he is doing so well. He is so adorable. He has Alex's nose and I think, my ears. He has the cutest little peach fuzz for hair. He is tiny but looks strong. I can't wait til I can hold him.
They told me that I may be able to go home on WEDNESDAY!! I can't wait!! I will be very sad, leaving without the little man but I know he will be home shortly after me. We have made it this far, we can make it through anything.
I look forward to many wonderful days ahead!



  1. Congratulations!! I'm so happy that he is here and that you both are doing so well!! Can't wait to see pictures!! :)

  2. Tears came to my eyes reading it! I am so happy everything is ok. Thank God!