Monday, March 16, 2009

Knit One...

While talking to my mom today she mentioned the sweaters she recently made for the kids. It occurred to me that having a hobby like knitting would be great right now. I have never made a baby blanket. What an opportunity. It would be great to make my first baby blanket while waiting for my third baby to be born. Now...I don't have the supplies, or the first inkling on how to knit, LOL! I will have to brainstorm but I am excited about this new prospect.
On the baby front.....things remain the same..... I have a super nice nurse (Jodi) today. It helps the day pass when I feel taken care of. She has been chit-chatting with me all day. Very nice of her!
Pastor Kenny called today to say hello and let me know that he and his family are praying for our family! I was really touched that he called me personally. We are so blessed to have found such an amazing church.
I finished reading Riven today. It was a very good book. It even choked me up a little near the end. The author has written an entire series, the Left Behind series. I will have to check into the series.
They are weighing me daily and apparently are concerned that I am not gaining any weight. The past couple of days I have "forced" myself to eat more, lol. Do they know who they are talking to? Eating is one thing that I have mastered!!! Challenge accepted :)
So, we are almost at a close for another day:). We are creeping up to 30 weeks. Truly amazing!!! Thank you God!


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