Monday, March 9, 2009

Room With a View

The doctors came in this morning and talked about moving me from labour and delivery to the high risk hallway. Now, I would be just outside the doors, still very close by but not right in L&D. But, then I had a small episode and they changed their minds. I am ok with staying here. It makes no difference to me. I know moving means I am more stable but I can stay stable right where I am :).
The kids came up for a couple hours. We made an advent chain for Easter and did book report for Lily's class. They had to leave because they had a hair appt. Alex's hair is getting a little wild :). I had a couple visitors from FBCA. The days are not going by as quick as they were a week ago but I can wait it out. It's all worth the wait!!!
I feel a little nervous today. Nothing that God can't take care of life is good:).
Until tomorrow.....


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