Sunday, April 19, 2009

Alex Meets Nathanael

Yesterday was a blur. Today, the same.... busy busy busy... I can't keep up! I went to the dentist yesterday morning because my lower right tooth was throbbing. I have dry socket!!! Of course I do! Have you met me?? I really don't have the best luck. Anyway, the surgeon stuffed some medicated pad into the socket (ouch), and I have to have it changed every 2 days until it feels better. Like I have time for more errands:). Then I grabbed donuts for the rest of the family and headed home. I got everything ready to go to the hospital but decided to lie down for a min. Well, seven hours later I woke up, LOL! Guess I was a little tired, eh? But I was supposed to be at the hospital to feed Nathanael. And I had to get a shower gift. So, I got my butt up and headed out. I got a shower gift and made it to the hospital by 9pm. I was able to feed Nathanael his midnight bottle :). Worth the drive for sure :). I stay until 2am, then headed home.
I woke this morning with mouth pain. I know it will get better, but I need it to be sooner than later. I am really starting to feel sorry for myself and I don't like that feeling, at all. We went to SCBC for church today as Mary was giving a testimony about MOPS, for MOPS Sunday. She talked about the three things that she has learned/gained from MOPS. I was touched that she included my story in her testimony about the power of prayer. I cried through the entire speech. It was so great to see all the MOPS gang too. I found out that a friend of mine, that has been trying for a very long time, is pregnant!! Yippee!!!
After church Lily and I headed to Grace church for Melinda's wedding shower. Although there has been a bit of tension between us, it all meted away as soon as she saw me. She started crying because I came to the shower. She said with everything going on that she figured I wouldn't be able to come. I told her that I wouldn't miss it, and that was the truth. The shower was fun and Lily had a great time.
We came home, grabbed the guys and headed up to the hospital. Alex FINALLY got to meet his baby brother. I snapped more than a few photos. It was so darling to see Alex's face light up. He even got to hold him (with a little help). It was a great night for both brothers. It's so strange to say brothers, lol. Alex was so fascinated with everything in the room. He especially loved Nathanael's bed, lol. Oh, and Nathanael's bed heater was turned off today and so far he has been able to regulate his temp. One step closer to home!!!
I am waiting for my last round of pain meds to kick in so I can go to bed. My mouth hurts so much!!! I will head to the dentist again in the am to get the medicated pad changed. It really helped the first day so I am looking forward to it!
I am beat. Have to upload some new pics so I am out of here.........


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  1. ahhh.. I'm in tears... and I also know about the dry socket... ouch