Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I am sad, as I get ready for bed, that I didn't get to see Nathanael today :(. Todd had to work all day, then Lily had t-ball practice tonight. But...tomorrow I will get to spend at least half the day at the hospital. The nurse I talked to said that he is doing well. They took him off of oxygen completely and he is tolerating room air well. They upped his feedings to 10cc/3hrs. He had some residual with two feedings today. I hope they go better through the night.
I made an appt to have my wisdom teeth pulled. I have to clear the anaesthesia with my OB first. I will be having at least one tooth pulled next Wed. Oh, I hope the pain is not too bad!
The kids and I just hung out at the house today. Kinda hard to do anything else when you can't drive, LOL! The package my parents send for Easter arrived today. It was a nice treat for them They love getting any kind of mail but packages with toys are always the best :).
Well, I am going to try and settle.


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