Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am a little behind. We have had a couple busy days.
First of all.....Nathanael, is doing great. He no longer has any type of IV:). He is doing really well with his feedings.....thata boy!!! He is still looking a little glowy but they are not treating it. I have been able to spend a lot of time holding him. He is so darn cute :). I am able to take his temp and change his diapers and clothes. It feels more real everyday. At first, it felt like I was just watching someone else's baby. He finally feels like mine :).
I am not getting great results from the reglan. A couple more days and I will run out of pills. I am going to continue to pump and give him as much as I can, as long as I can. He will likely end up on formula in the next few :(.
I had my incision check with my OB on Monday. He thinks I am recovering well. He snipped the stitches that were coming out of the wounds from the central line. He said that the rest of the stitches will work their way out over time. He explained how my incision with change over time. Basically, everything he told me was good news. He said total recovery will be about 6 months. I am hoping once I start exercising that I will feel more like myself, quickly.
Yesterday was a busy day. I took Lily to the dr's then to Toys R Us to spend her Easter money. Then, I dropped Lily off and picked up Alex. He and I went to Walmart, to spend his Easter money. This was the first day driving and running errands. It completely wiped me out! I had a quick, interrupted nap and headed up to see Nathanael. I started feeling sick at the hospital. I think it was what I ate for dinner, so the visit was, unfortunately quick.
I had my wisdom teeth pulled this morning. So far, I am feeling numb and a little unsteady. I took a couple percocet when I got home. It's interesting, trying to swallow when you can't feel your mouth. I am vegging on the couch, with ice packs on my face. I hope to just take it easy today and feel as little pain as possible. To be honest, my perception of pain is very different. Pain would have to be immense for me to complain, ever again!! Well, I am gonna sign off and relax.


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