Thursday, April 2, 2009

Home, Home, on the Range...

I am not sure when I have seen light in my kids eyes like I did, yesterday, as we left the hospital, hand in hand. They were telling everyone they passed in the hall that "my mama is coming home". We had dinner together, all went to Lily's t-ball practice and I was able to tuck them in bed:). What a wonderful feeling!!!
Being home isn't all fun (yet). I had to crawl up the stairs, with help, in order to tuck the kids in. I can't get into the durango or climb the two steps coming into the house. I had an episode of chills with shakes late last night. I was really worried that I was going to have to back to the hospital. I shook til I fell asleep. I woke this morning in incredible pain. I started thinking I left the hospital too early. Once my pain meds kicked in, all was well again.
Back to the positive things.... Nathanael is doing about the same. He is still on the c-pap and having trouble with his feedings. But he is holding strong. And he's darn cute!!!
Today, the kids went to school. Alex had a hard time leaving me. He looked scared, like I wasn't going to be here when he returned. I promised him I would be here when he got home from school. Jessie is going to take me up to the hospital around 12ish. I will get a good visit in and be home in time for the kids.
I realized today that this part of the journey is going to be tougher than I thought. I want to feel normal, so badly. And I miss Nathanael more than I ever imagined. But life is good and so is God, so we will make it through it:).


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  1. Oh dearie, go slow and listen to your body. It will take time for you to heal. Let us know if we can help.