Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I went up to the hospital right after we dropped Lily off at preschool. Nathanael had had a wonderful night. NO SVTs!!! He had a couple episodes of bradycardia but they reassured me that it's just a preemie thing. The nurse took the feeding tube out for a break because he has the PICC line. She also mentioned that he can now wear clothes. She found him a little sleeper to wear. He looked soooooo cute :). It made him look healthier :). Then I got to hold him for an hour. The lactation consultant stopped by to chat and she wrote an order for skin to skin. So, after lunch I got to hold his naked little body against my bare chest for about 20 mins. How awesome!!! Just as I was leaving, the nurse had put the feeding tube back down and gave him a 5cc feeding. I am excited to hear whether he digested it or not. The entire time I visited he, again, had NO SVTs. A couple of episodes of bradycardia. Often his heart rate would come up on it's own, within seconds, without any intervention.
I saw the dentist and he referred me to an oral surgeon. I called and they can't see me for 2 weeks. I called a couple others but they were closed for the day. Hopefully I can get in to see one of them sooner. Two weeks is way too long. Pain is quite severe at times.
So, I would say that this is the best day Nathanael has had in a long time:). I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings :).


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  1. Goodness gracious, more surgery! Your body is getting a beat down this year! Glad Nathanael is making progress. Hugs. Mary