Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eat Baby, Eat!!!

Nathanael's only issue at this point is his eating. He is still having trouble digesting his feedings. They changed his feedings to 4cc/hr continuous, instead of boluses every 3 hrs. The nurse I talked to tonight seemed to think that he is tolerating the continuous feed better. Only time will tell:).
I got a nice long visit with Nathanael today :). Todd dropped me off after we dropped the kids off at preschool. He opened his eyes for a few mins and I got some pretty good pictures. Tracie from FBCA came for a visit as well. It was nice to have the company. While she was visiting, Andy Benes, from the St. Louis Cardinals, came by. Nathanael and I got our picture taken with him and he signed a couple baseball cards. I have to be honest, I have no idea who he is, LOL, but it will be cool to show Nathanael when he can appreciate it.
My milk is still really low. Only one or two more days until the medication takes full effect. I remain hopeful!
Tonight, the rest of the family and I went to Target, to grab a few Easter items. I love doing simple things with them. I missed being home sooo much! Tomorrow we have an egg hunt at Mary's. The kids are excited (and so am I), to get out and do something fun.
What a great day!


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