Monday, April 20, 2009

A Fresh Start

I woke through the night with the most painful mouth ache ever. It hurt all the way up to my ear. It hurt so much I couldn't even cry because that made it hurt worse, lol.
This morning Alex woke with a fever and a cough. I wonder how long before one of my family member is not sick. It started with Alex, moved to Lily, to Todd and back to Alex. At least I haven't gotten it (yet).
I gave Alex some ibuprofen, headed to the dentist to have the medicated pad for the dry socket changed, ate a couple jellos and I am now ready for the day. I noticed the sky looked especially bright on the way to the dentist. There were dark clouds rolling in but they were large and fluffy. It rained for a few seconds on the way to the car but overall, the day is nice. It's windy and a little cool, but fresh feeling.
I am determined to have a good day, with a positive attitude. Lately I have been complaining about everything and I hate feeling like this so, today is going to be a fresh start, emotionally.
Ok, off to enjoy the day.......


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