Sunday, April 5, 2009

Todd came home early, showered and we all headed out to the hospital. Nathanael had several runs of SVT through the night, some lasting a long time (up to 25 mins). He did ok with his feeding though.
When we arrived Todd and I split up. I took Lily with me, back to see Nathanael. Alex had to hang out with Todd in the waiting area because he has a cough. The nurse told me that he had several more bouts of SVT. This time his O2 sats were affected a couple of times. He also had some runs of arrhythmias. Lily and I hung out and played Go Fish for a couple hours. Todd took a turn with Lily while I hung out with Alex.
Alex suddenly got tired and flushed. We all went to the cafe for a quick drink. Alex fell right asleep and I noted his forehead got hotter and hotter. Within 30 mins or so Alex was red and sweating. So, one more quick visit, to see goodbye for the day and we all headed home.
A quick call to the nurse just now....Nathanael did not tolerate any feedings since noon. If he doesn't start eating soon they are going to have to put in a PICC line or peripheral IV, which will suck for him, big time. He continues to have runs of SVT despite his digoxin level being therapeutic.
I have a horrible tooth ache and am still sore from the surgery. I am running out of pain meds and had to space my meds out too much today. Needless to say, I am uncomfortable. Todd has to go to a client site all day tomorrow. I am starting to have anxiety already. I feel like I can't take too much more. Between two sick kids and feeling horrible myself, I want to just give up. Nathanael is going to be up at the hospital by himself tonight and most of tomorrow. That's just not right.
Ok, gotta do something else, other than complain....



  1. Ask for help! That is what we are here for. Would you mind if I posted something on the board? Do you have a refill for more pain meds? The doc, I am sure will give you a refill. How high is Alex's temp and do you think he is sick or just worn out?

  2. What a trooper.. What life gives you will make you stronger. I don't know how you do it! But you do... this summer will be fabulous for you. there is light at the end of the tunnel....