Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Yeah!!! Happy Easter. Thank you Jesus for dying for us (who know you), so that we may live eternally :)!!!
Today was busy and tiring but great! We got up and well, the Easter bunny had come and brought the kids a couple toys and a handful of clothes. They got a soccer net, cars, a pony and a couple books. The soccer net was a big hit! Way to go bunny!! Then we got ready and headed out to church. The message was great, well, what I heard of it, lol. The kids sat with us. Lily has shown a great interest in how salvation works. I thought she would enjoy the message but she is sick. She caught Alex's cold and she is coughing and snotting everywhere. Poor girl :(.
Next we grabbed a quick lunch and headed up to see the baby. Nathanael looked great :). He is a little "bright"...yellowish but they are not concerned as he is eating and pooping well. I got to hold him for a long time. He had his eyes open for about 15 mins and I swear, looked right into my eyes. He even looked like he was rooting. When I asked the nurse about rooting she said they usually start doing that around 35 weeks. Then he did it while she was there and she offered him a pacifier. He took right to it and she said, yep, he's rooting alright. That's great!! I couldn't stay as long as I would like because Todd was watching both sick kids out in the waiting room area. After a couple hours, they are done! So, we headed out, grabbed McDonald's for Easter dinner, LOL, and headed home. I am so glad the kids are too young to know what is supposed to happen today, lol!
We hunted eggs over and over and over tonight. I love watching the kids do things they enjoy. I wish I had half their energy. Lily and Todd went to bed, as Lily is really sick, fever and all. Alex and I are still hanging out. He had a very late four hour nap.
I have only had one percocet today!! My pain has been pretty manageable just on ibuprofen. What an improvement from last weekend.
I just spoke with Nathanael's nurse. His PICC line clotted so they pulled it. He now has regular fluids, instead of TPN, running through a peripheral line. I am interested to see how they handle that tomorrow.
Well, Alex is looking like he could head to bed and I am so beat...... G'nite all!


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