Friday, April 24, 2009


Sooooooooooo, they have finally said that Nathanael will be going home SOON!!!!! He has to take bottles around the clock for two days and then he can go home!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!! When we got to the hospital today there was a mom with her little guy in a wagon. They were leaving the NICU, going home. As soon as I got to Nathanael's room I started to cry. Todd looked at me. "What?", he said. I said, I want to take my baby home. And now I get to:):):)!
We took an infant CPR class tonight. We also have to take training for the monitor that he is coming home with. I think talking about discharge with the nurse practitioner and the CPR trainer really hit us that Nathanael coming hime is really going to change our lives! They talked about the fact that all preemies are considered as having chronic lung disease. How they do the first year will determine the amount of problems they could have later in life. If they are able to avoid a lot of infections, colds, ear infections, etc. then they will be considered free of lung disease after two years. They told us to be extra cautious about taking him out in public, etc. I am so excited about him coming home but a little scared about him getting sick. I don't want to be a worried freak for the next year, lol!
So, it's been a great day....I am home early and already in bed. My teeth are feeling better, finally! I only took one pain pill all day! I have lost 27 lbs since Mar 28th:). Nathanael is 35 weeks (and coming home, did I mention that?).
Poor Alex is still sick but with no fever. I have a bit of a cough and had to wear a mask at the hospital but I am sure it will be better tomorrow, once I get some sleep.
Tomorrow is going to be busy...t-ball game, swimming, then naps for the kids and off to the hospital for me, so I better get to sleep asap! G'nite!


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