Friday, April 10, 2009

Where, Oh Where is the Floor??

Ok, I kid you not.....if you are absent from the home for any length of time.....DO NOT LOOK IN THE PLAYROOM!!!!! The playroom looked like someone stood at the doorway and threw buckets of toys, paper, crunched up chips, dried playdoh, broken crayons and a few dead bugs all over the room. Wow!!! What a mess. I couldn't see any of the floor and had to move things to get one foot in the room! It is evident that the last time anyone picked up a thing in there is the last time I did it! Well, an hour or so later, the room is now presentable and no one is allowed in EVER AGAIN, lol!
The kids and I had a great morning as we had our first post-hospital outing. We went to Mary's for a MOPS playdate. The kids played and hunted eggs and the mom's nibbled on a wonderful breakfast casserole and chatted. It was really nice to see everyone and be a part of something "normal". What a wonderful group of loving women!!
I know I have been in hospital for a while but I think I saw them talking about pirates on the news??? Pirates?? Do they really exist??
Todd took the kids up to the office when we returned from the playdate and I got a long nap. They returned around 7ish which meant no trip to the hospital :(. The nurses assured us that Nathanael is having another good day. He is still not eating as well as they would like but he did digest part of each feeding :). Progress!!! We are going to drop the kids off at Pop's tomorrow so we can get some Easter shopping done, then head up to the hospital. I can't wait to see my Nathanael. He is such a cutie.
All is quiet. Kids are asleep and Todd is watching TV in the basement. I am going to lie back and watch Jay Leno. I got hooked while in hospital, lol. Good night.


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  1. I'm so happy to hear that Nathanael is improving some everyday! Amd really glad that you are getting to do some "normal" things. Hope you get a nice long visit with him soon!