Saturday, April 4, 2009

Little Challenges

We got a call early this morning. They were transferring Nathanael to Cardinal Glennon with SVT, two runs, lasting 30 secs and 10 secs. They were able to bring him out of it by pushing his knees to his chest. This morning they heard a heart murmur, which is new for him. They decided that even though all his tests were normal that they should transfer him, just to be safe.
At Glennon they did an echocardiogram and found two holes in his heart, called PFO and SVD. The first usually closes up within the first week of birth. They think his just may be delayed. The second can also close on it's own, but sometimes takes up to a year.
He had another run of SVT, this time lasting 2 mins. Todd and I were present and man, it scared me, a whole lot!!! Once they got the heart rate down, it dropped. Freaked me out. The cardiologist said that sometimes the second hole can cause these accelerations. They are starting him of digoxin. They said he will go home on it :(.
I went home to get the kids around 4ish. Todd called a while later to tell me that Nathanael had a run of bradycardia. They were also able to snap him out of it quickly. They put him back on caffeine, which they had stopped upon admission.
So, even though he has a lot going on the docs said that he is stable and doing fine. They are most concerned that he is not tolerating his feedings. Todd just called to tell me that he has tolerated his last two feedings, which is huge, because he hasn't digested any breast milk in days.
Todd is spending the night. The kids and I are all snuggled into bed about to turn out the lights. I count my blessings that although he has had an eventful day, things are stable. I just think of how many issues he would have if we had delivered at 26 weeks, when this all started.
So, I will thank God for being so great and try to get a good night sleep, knowing that He is taking care of everything!



  1. Prayers coming from this side of the border too! You'll all be fine!