Saturday, April 11, 2009

Awaiting the Bunny!

The day started with pain and I was miserable. I had a terrible sleep thanks to an unexpected guest that was sleeping very soundly in my spot when I came to bed. Lily was so tired that she stuck next to me all night. I didn't want to get out of bed, or pump or anything! But we had a whole day planned so I dragged myself out of bed. Everyone was all ready to go out except me. I got in the shower and suddenly felt very sick. I thought I was going to throw up or pass out or both. Todd helped me back to bed. The kids went to Pop's and Todd did the much needed Easter shopping. I woke a couple hours later, still feeling off but not as sick. I spent most of the day lying around. No trip to see Nathanael :(. Two days without seeing him and it's killing me!!!
While hanging out on the couch I noticed that I have stitches coming out of both wounds on my chest!!!!! What is that all about? I will have to draw that to my OB's attention at my appt on Monday. I really hope it does not need to be messed with. But at the same time....why are there stitches hanging out of my skin??
I received a package from my mom for Nathanael and I. She sent a bunch of new preemie outfits for Nathanael. And, to my surprise, a couple nighties for me :).
The evening was a lot of fun, dying eggs and getting the baskets ready with Lily and Alex. The kids are so much fun. They made sure Nathanael got some of the eggs that they dyed :). Very cute!
Well, the bunny has to get up later, so it's off to bed.....


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