Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Busy, Productive Day!

I had a great day today! I slept in...opps, but I needed it. Lily still made it to school in time so no harm done, lol. After dropping Lily off I headed to BSF. I was so excited to return to my bible study. They also had fellowship afterwards. We sat together and talked about what we have gained and how we have been blessed by BSF. I then went to the dreaded dentist. He changed out the medicated pad and I was off to the hospital.
My visit with Nathanael, was great, as usual! I said hello to the nurse, put my milk in the fridge and turned around to a great surprise :). Nathanael was in a little bassinet, like the kind they put full term babies in! I was so pleased. He looked so small, lol! I got a good report from the nurse about his eating. He is alternating bottles with tube feedings and tolerating it very well. While I was visiting, the lactation consultant stopped by to see how I am doing. I asked her about the "mother's milk tea". She said I could try it if I wanted to...no harm in it, for sure. Then the nurse practitioner came in and started talking about what sorts of things will occur when Nathanael goes home, such as he may go home on a monitor, that he will go home on heart medication, how to take his heart rate and how to distinguish between a normal heart rate and one that is above 200, etc. She wrote an order to start breastfeeding. At the 6pm feeding I was able to put Nathanael to breast and he caught right on, lol. It started to tire him out quickly so we switched to the bottle to ensure he got a good feeding. The plan is to feed him, one full feeding by breast tomorrow. I am excited to finally be able to feed my baby, the right way :).
I had to come home right after his feeding because Todd had to go up to his office. He took care of everything all day, so I really couldn't complain.
Now I am hanging out on the couch with the kids. Alex fell asleep at 6pm but is now up with another fever....or should I say still. Todd gave him motrin at 6pm, just before he fell asleep. I don't know if the fever ever broke. Hopefully the kids will go to bed soon. I am tired and really need to get to bed soon. I have two medications that I need to take every 8 hours. No matter how I work it out, I always have to stay up late, wake up early or set an alarm to make sure I take them on time.
So, a little Kai-lan (one of the kid's favs) then bed for all....


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