Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Big First!

Nathanael took his first bottle today!!! He is finally catching onto this eating thing:). I knew he would...he is related to me, lol! I was able to sit with him and feed him 42ccs :0. That is so huge, compared to what he has been taking. I just checked in with the nurse and she said he tolerated the bottle well. I was concerned that after I left that he would throw it all up. And they changed him back to bolus feeds and he is tolerating them as well :).
I asked the nurse practitioner about possible discharge dates. She said that most babies go home about 2 weeks from the due date, a few up to a month before their due date. I was hoping that she would say most babies go home earlier but I am trying not to set myself up for disappointment.
The next week is a very important time for Nathanael. How he tolerates the bottle will have a lot to do with his discharge. They are also going to try and get him out of his little temperature controlled isolette. I pray he does well with each. I don't want to rush him home but I am having a harder time not being able to hold me around the clock, etc.
Today the nurse told me that she would be right back....and well, he woke up and he was looking towards me. I know he knew I was smell, my voice....whatever, but he knew I was there. He was crying and I just wanted to pick him up and cradle him in my arms. The nurse was gone, what seemed like forever. Some nurses will let me get him out by myself...she is not one of them. So, I have to stand there watching him cry, knowing that he knows I am right there and not helping him. It's not fair, to him, or me :(. But soon enough, he will be home and then I can hold him as much as I want :).
I am starting my second round of reglan for milk production. It's working, sort of. The lactation consultant thinks it's worth giving it another shot. Nathanael has caught up to my supply and more than likely will have to have formula through the night. Big bummer!
My MOPS group surprised me with two bags of baby gifts. There are several different gift cards, baby books, an album, diapers, a journal, lotion, cross earrings, a beautiful card, etc. What an amazing group of women. Some of these women I have only met once or twice...and maybe some, never? Some of these women have become close friends and I feel so blessed.
Tonight was Lily's first t-ball game. It was so cute. My favorite part was when I looked out field, where Lily was playing and there she was sitting in the grass, chewing on her glove, lol. No, just kidding...I loved watching her hit the ball and run to first base. All the kids looked so confused. It was like as soon as they hit the ball their turn was over, lol. Kids are great!! Then we went to Steak n Shake for the yummiest shake!
Lily and Alex are so precious these days. Amazing how in love I am with them. I missed them so much and will never again, take being home with them, for granted again.
I have been up late too many nights in a row. I need to get to the hospital in time to give Nathanael his bottle tomorrow, so I better sign off.
Oh, and my mouth hurts a bit more today but nothing I can't handle!


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  1. yeah....your a troooper.. makes me want to come to missouri to see you.. You never know.... I just might..