Monday, April 6, 2009

Problem Solving

Today was a day of working things out so my life seems more manageable. I got a refill on my pain meds, got a prescription for reglan, to help with milk production, made a dentist appt, managed to go to the hospital to see Nathanael and spend the entire day with Lily and Alex!!
Nathanael had a lot less episodes of SVTs today but now several episodes of bradycardia. At least bradycardia is a more normal thing for a preemie to do. He was not tolerating his feedings so they put a PICC line in. Poor baby :(. I got a nice long visit with him tonight. I even got to change his diaper :). Simple pleasures! I'll take 'em!!!
I am getting a sore throat...hoping it's gone by the morning. I was planning to spend most of the day at the hospital. The plans will change according to my symptoms.
Well, it is late and I am very tired. Off to beddy-bye!


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