Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is Spring Here??

Today was absolutely beautiful!!! After I hung out on the couch for a bit this morning, I was pretty confident that getting up and doing a few things would be ok. I headed outside to get the mail and decided that there was no way I was staying in all day, and neither were the kids. So, with mouth full of gauze, we headed out front. The kids played soccer, t-ball, rode their bikes, we had a picnic....just enjoyed the awesome weather. Then since I couldn't eat anything solid, I HAD to have Dairy Queen :).
I made it through the day with very little pain medication and the bleeding stopped after the first few hours. I am bummed out that I need to dump my milk today due to the pain meds given during the procedure but it was something I had to do. I am going to sleep, sitting up on the couch. Apparently lying down causes pain and I would like to avoid it, if I can :).
Tonight I picked up some pictures I had printed for me mom, and grabbed a few groceries. As each day goes on life seems more normal. And soon, Nathanael will be home and we can start our new life, as a complete family. I can't wait!!!
Off to relax....and I think I hear Lily crying :(.


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